Forex-NightFox - A.I. Forex Robot From Ted Pearson

  Forex NightFox will be launched in the coming days. Are you ready? This no ordinary forex robot! It has advanced investment bank grade artificial intelligence built into it. The brain child of Ted Pearson, it took 8 years to design and perfect. . That doesn’t mean that it is finished evolving though. It is so smart it will continue to adapt to any market condition. It is true intuitive, unlike many other robots that work on fixed paremeters and thus become less effective over time as the market shifts.



Now what does Forex NightFox do that others don’t? The first thing you notice is that it trades the Asian market. While this market may be smaller than the European and American markets. The opportunity to pull pips from it is astounding. With a quieter market it is easier to enter a trade and have it end with a substantial gain. All to often with the European  foreign exchange market  it moves so fast just when you are about to close out a trade in profit it swings back the other way and quickly hits your stop loss and closes in a loss.


NightFox has been designed with the small trader in mind. It easily works witha small initial deposit of just $1000. While many other robots require deposits of 10 times this in order to perform as expected. So you don’t need to have a large account to start and it is still able to produce profits. This is exactly what the small trader requires. All the while using very low risk levels to accomplish it.